SECURITY DEVICES is a technological equipment installed at appropriate locations. It has the function of recording, tracking and monitoring all developments in that area.

The system consists of many cameras connected together, with the function of monitoring the area that needs to be monitored. Thanks to that, you can monitor different areas, seeing every corner of the space.

A CCTV system includes parts such as:

  • Camera: Is the part that determines the quality, color and resolution of the image you receive.
  • Power for Surveillance Camera: Helps provide power for Camera operation. There are two types: 12V separate power source and 12V total power source.
  • Video recorder: Is a central device, playing the role of gathering and transmitting images to the device that needs to be observed.
  • Hard drive or NAS Server: Used to store images or videos of the DVR.
  • Signal cable: Used to connect the signal directly from the Camera to the DVR.
  • Power cord for Camera and Internet cable.

The demand for using CCTV is growing strongly thanks to the practical effects it brings. Some benefits and applications of the Camera include:

  • Night surveillance cameras to control goods and avoid theft.
  • Supervise working staff, create professionalism,…
  • Parents can monitor their children no matter where they are, monitor students and teachers’ teaching attitudes.
  • Monitor machinery, equipment, production lines,…
  • Support patient control, registration counter, parking lot,…
  • Monitor cashier counters, transactions, ATMs, Server rooms,… to ensure safety for customers and employees,…