With a team of experienced engineers and a deep understanding of fire prevention regulations and requirements, Ecobuild is committed to providing customers with reliable and effective design solutions.
Our fire protection system design consulting services include facility analysis, topographic survey and fire risk determination. We will clearly identify the points where fire alarm systems, early warning systems and fire extinguishing systems need to be installed suitable for each type of project.
With our fire protection system design consulting service, customers will be completely assured of protecting their property and lives. We are committed to designing fire protection systems. Fire in accordance with industry regulations and standards, ensuring maximum safety and compliance with legal regulations. In addition, we will also assist customers in completing design documents and procedures for applying for fire prevention permits.
Please contact us today for the best advice and support on designing the perfect fire protection system for your project. Safety is our shared responsibility, and we will partner with you in building a safe and secure working and living environment.

There are many advanced technologies in the field of fire prevention and fighting in the world. Some notable technologies include:
1. Automatic fire suppression system: This technology uses sensors, monitoring equipment and automatic control systems to detect and extinguish fires quickly and effectively.
2. Steam pressure fire suppression system: This technology uses steam pressure to spray directly into the fire and cool it quickly, while reducing the possibility of fire recurrence.
3. Fire protection membrane: Used in high-rise buildings, fire protection membrane is a heat-resistant membrane attached to building materials to form a fire barrier, preventing the spread of fire. of fire and smoke.
4. Smart fire fighting system: This technology uses artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) to create a smart fire protection system, capable of detecting and responding to fire risks explode automatically and effectively.
5. Firefighting robots: Automatic firefighting robots are equipped with technologies such as heat sensors, cameras, sprinkler systems and remote control systems to reach and extinguish the fire safely and quickly. quickly, while reducing the risk to firefighters.
These technologies are being continuously researched and developed to improve effectiveness in fire prevention and fighting and protect human life and property.