FIRE ALARM include devices that automatically detect and notify the location where a fire incident occurs. Protective partitions and automatically detect fires quickly, accurately and promptly.

Automatically emits alarm signals, indicators and control signals to the system’s peripheral devices to perform a specific task.

In particular, with this system using a smoke detector, it also has the more important task of “warning”, that is, detecting and reporting impending fires or smoldering fires without flames.

Components of an automatic fire alarm system
A system includes the following main devices:

+ Fire alarm center:
– Designed in cabinet form, including main equipment: circuit board, transformer and battery
+ Input devices
– Detector: smoke alarm, heat alarm, gas alarm, fire alarm.
– Emergency switch (emergency push button)
+ Output device
– Display panel (keyboard).
– Alarm bells, sirens.
– Alarm lights, emergency exit lights
– Automatic phone dialer.